Making life insurance simple.

At Simply Life Insurance we simplify the life insurance process and provide unbiased and ethical advice for the best cover and value outcome for our clients.

Hi, I’m Steve.

I’m driven by helping people become aware of their risks without pressure.

I fix life insurance issues and provide unbiased and ethical advice

I’m not a servant to any insurer or bank, I’m here to support YOU.

I ensure that the right amount of money, is paid to the right person at the right time.

How do I do this?
Let's keep it simple.

Firstly, I identify financial risks that an individual, family or business may face due to death, disability or critical illness.

Secondly, I put in place custom life insurance solutions tailored to each circumstance, needs and affordability.

Finally, I’m there at the time of claim….the worst time

Think About This

If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, would you insure...the goose or the eggs?

So what are the life risks and what are the life insurance solutions?

Term Life Insurance

A lump sum paid to your dependants or estate if you die or even become terminally ill.

Disability Insurance

A lump sum paid to you if you are disabled to the point of not being able to work again.

Trauma Insurance

Pays you a lump sum on diagnosis of a number of critical illnesses, like cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Income Protection

Provides a replacement monthly income if you are injured or sick and can’t work.

Business Insurance

A lump sum paid to your business or a shareholder for death, disability or critical illness of its important people