Trauma Insurance

What is it?

Pays you a lump sum on diagnosis of a number of critical illnesses, like cancer, heart attack and stroke. A fully featured trauma policy can cover over 50 specified conditions!

What are the benefits?

The funds can be used to ease financial pressure during a tough time, compensate for your partner taking time off to care for you or to pay for special non Medicare or non Private health funded treatment which can save your life

The amount of cover is variable but in general terms, is usually set at one to two years of net income.

This is a living insurance!

Think about this

You, your partner or another family member has just been diagnosed with cancer

New released treatment with a proven great hope of cure is available in the US or Germany

Cost of one course of this new drug treatment is $135,000

(Did you also know that the most expensive T-cell therapy for adolescent leukemia is priced at $475,000 with a high success rate?)

What would you do? What would you sell? What would you borrow? Could you borrow? Medicare or private health cover is NOT going to help you.

Trauma insurance can be the funding mechanism

Is this what you need?